Our bees produce the honey in a natural uncontaminated environment. From a quality perspective this is an excellent departure point.

The challenge in Africa is to be vigilant in the honey harvesting season. Bad harvesting techniques and improper storage jeopardize the quality of the raw honey irreversibly.

For this reason we work very closely with our partners/beekeepers to sustain the original quality in every step of the process.

From the moment we sign the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with our raw honey suppliers (i.e. beekeepers groups or individual beekeepers) we enter a cyclic quality assurance process called our AAC: The Apiary Assessment Cycle.

Apiary Assessment Cycle

The Apiary Assessment Cycle is an audit instrument to measure the quality of the apiaries in terms of equipment, facilities, management and processes. It includes for example an assessment of the harvesting equipment and the harvesting techniques. We perform an audit at the start of the collaboration and repeat the audit at least once a year.

The audit is performed by experienced assessors and measures the quality of the apiaries on seven criteria:

  1. Management and administration
  2. Apiculture skills
  3. Apiary location
  4. Hygiene and safety
  5. Quality assurance
  6. Bees’ well-being
  7. Output

A Bees Company registers every supplier with a short description, a GPS location of the apiaries and the results of the audits. This is information is not only valuable for us, but also for our suppliers and our customers:

  1. The audit is an important instrument to control the quality of honey and beeswax. We use the results to ensure the high quality of our products. In case, for example, the audit shows that one of our supplier has not enough experience in harvesting, we offer them our harvesting service or customized training.
  2. The audit gives beekeepers valuable information for the development of their business. The results show the priorities to improve the quantity and quality of their production.
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