About us

A Bees Company is a processor of high quality honey and beeswax. Our focus is quality assurance of the products while working in close cooperation with our comb honey suppliers in East-Uganda. We believe that international trade is important for sustainable development of developing countries. That is why we aim at export of  refined bees wax to Europe, US, Japan, etc.

A Bees Company gives Ugandan beekeepers access to the international market by buying their products at a fair price. We support them to improve the quality and quantity of their production.

East Africa is a poor region, where people are dependent on themselves. However, acacia honey has a high potential to increase income for women in the area.  One challange that needs to be adressed is the lacking quality and small volumes. A Bees Company is working on that challenge from a commercial standpoint. Every contributor to the honey value chain gets his fair part of the product margin. This is an extremely important requisite for building a stable value chain.

In the picture below you may see where A Bees Company is currently located in Uganda.

A Bees Company