Bulk Honey

Just like our retail honey the source of our honey is the wide variety of flowers. The green foraging areas are unspoilt and scarcely populated. The existing agriculture is extensive and hardly ever mechanized. The roads are unpaved and the houses are thatched huts. In general, the vegetation is abundant. Northern Uganda is an ecologically unspoilt gem. Hence the rare natural quality of our honey. Pure and sweet.

To maintain the purity of the honey, we dedicate much attention to training, good apiary management practices and professional harvesting.

Grade 1

Our grade 1 is: Dutch Queen premium honey. The sources of the forage is from a single flowering plant, called acacia. Which results in a rare product with a nice flavour and whitish look.

Grade 2

Our grade 2 is: African Queen premium honey. The source for this honey is from multiple flowering plants, like eucalyptus, sun flower, oranges, bananas and coffee trees. The color is golden brown and sometimes it’s a dark amber, it is known for its desirable flavour and long list of health benefits it brings to the table.