Retail Honey – Pure and Sweet!

Dutch Queen - A Bees CompanyAfrican Queen - A Bees Company

The source of our honey is the wide variety of flowers. The green foraging areas are unspoilt and scarcely populated. The existing agriculture is extensive and hardly ever mechanized. The roads are unpaved and the houses are thatched huts. In general, the vegetation is abundant. Northern Uganda is an ecologically unspoilt gem. Hence the rare natural quality of our honey. Pure and sweet.

To maintain the purity of the honey, we dedicate much attention to training, apiary management and professional harvesting.

Our main task is to conserve the original taste and bring it to you in glass jars. Our premium honeys: the African Queen (golden brown honey, multi floral) and the Dutch Queen (golden honey, acacia) are available in the premium super markets across Uganda.

A Bees Company (WimRob Bees Company (U) ltd) received the Q-level status from the UNBS (Ugandan National Bureau of Standards).