Social responsibility

East Africa is a region with a huge potential for apiculture, but also a region with numerous challenges for doing business. It is one of the poorest regions in the world – with a long history of armed conflicts which had serious consequences for the economic system. Many people still live in poverty. A Bees Company works closely with its partners to contribute to the improvement of livelihood of the beekeepers and relatives.

NGOs: our partners in poverty reduction
Many NGOs are active in East Africa to support people living poverty and promote economic independence. A Bees Company works with a number of NGOs in the region to introduce and stimulate apiculture among small farmers. It is easy to earn some extra money by selling honey. This is the first step for economic development and economic independence. But aid projects have a limited duration and a limited budget. The exit step for the NGO projects is to connect the trained beekeepers to the commercial value chain.

Suppliers: farmer groups in development
A Bees Company supports small beekeepers and beekeeper groups in the development of their business. We offer them a cooperative agreement. The joint objective is to grow from a small ,local market orientation towards better quality, higher quantity and national market orientation. We measure their development on the basis of the Apiary Assessment Cycle and provide customized training.

Local Primary Schools
The recent history of armed conflicts in East Africa orphaned many children. The opportunities for these orphans are non-existent/limited. A Bees Company initiated a program to give ‘hopeless’ (but motivated) orphans education and vocational training.