WimRob Bees Company pure beeswax has started to impress clients and customers from across the world, a team of three clients from China who visited Wimrob stalls in Kampala where very impressed with WimRob organic made beeswax from Northern Uganda.

The three-man team from China is currently discussing possibility of exporting about 20 tons of beeswax annually from WimRob for their industries in China.

Wimrob Bees Company directors, Robert Okodia said their beeswax is among the best in the world as it comes from wild vegetation in Northern Uganda which delivers extremely pure beeswax and honey. “In Northern Uganda, the vegetation we have is forest and wild, with no traces of chemical residues, contaminants or traces of pesticides/neonicotinnoids in our beeswax and honey”

Okodia assures the clients of WimRob’s professionalism, knowledge and experience in the Ugandan apiculture sector, he added that this will create confidence among our Europe and Asia clients in doing a long-term business partnership.

“We have invested a lot as WimRob, in quality and also in maintaining our standard from production to the clients by producing what their markets need in the regional and international market”, Okodia said.