WimRob Bees Company is working with 9 ex-female surgeons in Amudat. They used to carry out female circumcision for a living. Now WimRob Bees Company has empowered and convinced them to start keeping bees and honey production as a alternative for their living income.

We have send them our bees expert (Robert Okodia) to Amudat to train them on the first module of keeping bees as a business. Already nine of them are being trained and after they will receive startup packages which includes beehives, smokers, hive tools, bee brush and bee suit to help them get the knowledge and skills in modern beekeeping.

After their training and inputs, WimRob will give the women 10 KTB hives each and a monthly facilitations of 50,000 UGX and at the end of every honey harvesting season, they will received 10% of the total honey harvested from WimRob bee hives, after three years WimRob will hand the bee hives over to the surgeons.

This is like a pilot program. When it is successful WimRob is planning to scale this one up.