Our bee-master Robert Okodia will give you five golden rules to find the best spot for your beehive:

  1. You will enjoy beekeeping more, when your beehive is easy accessible. Moreover, you also have an easier job during harvesting.
  2. Consider a beehive location which is quiet and exposed to the early morning sun. Please avoid any hot sun during the middle of the day.
  3. Water has to be available close to the beehive, because bees need water to use within the hive. Of course it is possible to make water available by using a reservoir.
  4. Besides the availability of water, it is also important to locate your beehive in an area with a huge variety of flowers.
  5. For the safety of your neighbours, please fence your apiary. For your own safety make sure, the beehive and the area surrounded by the beehive is levelled.

Due to this 5 practical tips from our bee-expert, we hope you now have a better opinion about what is important while finding a spot for one or more of your beehives.

Good luck!

Written by Emmanuel Opio

Robert Okodia - A Bees Company