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2017 – Setting up apiary learning centres by WimRob

A Bees CompanyKaramoja is one of the driest regions in Uganda with an inherent pastoralist culture, but it also produces one of the best organic honeys in Uganda. WimRob has a lready set up two community apiary learning centres for the pastoralist communities to learn modern bee keeping and good quality and quantity honey production.

“This is mainly a cattle keepers region but bee keeping is now their secondary economic activities and this the reasons why we decided to set an honey hub in Amudat district, Karamoja”.

Robert Okodia, WimRob director added that the two training centres will also acts like a honey collection hub, bees wax and propolis. We will train 1,000 Karamojong in apiary management, post-harvest handling and bulking.

2017 – WimRob is strengthening the honey value chain in Northern Uganda

Wimrob Bees, which is strengthening the honey value chain in Northern Uganda, last month participated in the five days all African honey exposition that took place in Kigali Rwanda with the aims of increasing its global market linkages. The expo is a biannual event that showcase bee products, markets and equipment from Africa to the world.
At the show Wimrob staff benefited of acquiring new markets, new skills and innovation in bee keeping and technologies used in honey production. This was a must-attend event for Wimrob, as leaders in apiculture development in Uganda.
“We are promoting bee keeping as a source of employment creation, household income and enhancer of environmental conservation”, said Robert Okodia, Wimrob director. We are committed to impacting a thousand lives through bee keeping and honey production in Northern Uganda.

Honey expert Robert Okodia - A Bees Company
A Bees Company

2017 – WimRob announce two new employees

WimRob is happy to announce that two new employees will join our company. We welcome them and wish them good luck as our new colleagues.

Walter is a chartered accountant. In our team he will be responsible for all finance & accounting and reporting.

Irene joins our company in the Lira factory. She will start her career with WimRob as a record keeper and will grow fast to higher positions with more responsibilities.

2016 – Our A Bees Company Director of Africa has visited Holland to meet other experts

Our ABC Director Africa, Mr. Robert Okodia, visited Holland to meet experts from the University Wageningen to talk about issues on pests (hive beetle) and bio degradation.
He also took the time to visit a large commercial bee farm in Holland to meet another very experienced Dutch beekeeper, Mr. Cees van Holland. They were visibly happy to inspect some hives together.

A Bees Company

2015 – The Yunus Global Social Business Summit

Mr. Okodia, Managing Director of A Bees Company, was invited to share our experiences in
improving livelihoods and securing a basic income through apiculture at the GSBS in Berlin.

2015 – Uganda National Honey Week

A Bees Company was present at the 6th National Honey Week in Kampala to show our products, meet new customers and suppliers and exchange knowledge during workshops.

A Bees Company