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2018 – Sponsors visit Female Apiary Managers in Amudat

In June this year the directors of A Bees Company visited the Amudat region with some donors. The objective was to get a first impression of how the Female Apiary Managers are doing. They were happy to see how motivated the women had taken up their role and responsibility. There were questions about pest control (i.e. little black ant and honey badger) and income potential after a year. The coming year ZOA will visit the Fam’s every month, complete a status report  and give them their monthly salary. In total more than 50% of the hives is already colonized and the swarming season was just starting.

Dutch ambassador to Uganda urges Ugandans to embrace Dutch/African Queen Honey

The Royal Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Uganda, Henk Jan Bakker has urged the business communities in Uganda and the Netherlands to start buying Ugandan made honey branded Dutch Queen Honey (Acacia) and African Queen Honey (Multifloral).

Henk Jan Bakker applauded the WimRob Bees Company Uganda team for doing a great job in bringing to the market the best honey, I have personally touch the Dutch Queen Honey, tested it, let me tell you that the feeling is pure, fresh, natural and organic.

He made an imprompt visit to Wimrob stalls in Kampala during harvest money expo in Nambole stadium, Kampala Uganda. This is a great initiative, the market needs honey, many people are taking honey but they need good honey like the Dutch Queen and African Queen honey.

Wimrob Bees Company director, also the best farmer 2015 Mr Robert Okodia was among the farmers that was paid a trip to the Netherlands to lean modern technologies in agriculture so that they can bring the idea back to Uganda, the trip was support by the Dutch Embassy Kampala Uganda, DFCU bank and the New Vision.

Henk Jan Bakker, added that he has been interacting with Mr. Okodia several times since 2015, “I have seen how committed he is in bringing a brilliant honey product to the world, he always talk about bringing one of the best honey in world to the market, No doubt I have seen this honey product, eaten and what I can only say is, please grab a jar and you will enjoy.

WimRob beeswax attracts clients from China

WimRob Bees Company pure beeswax has started to impress clients and customers from across the world, a team of three clients from China who visited Wimrob stalls in Kampala where very impressed with WimRob organic made beeswax from Northern Uganda.

The three-man team from China is currently discussing possibility of exporting about 20 tons of beeswax annually from WimRob for their industries in China.

Wimrob Bees Company directors, Robert Okodia said their beeswax is among the best in the world as it comes from wild vegetation in Northern Uganda which delivers extremely pure beeswax and honey. “In Northern Uganda, the vegetation we have is forest and wild, with no traces of chemical residues, contaminants or traces of pesticides/neonicotinnoids in our beeswax and honey”

Okodia assures the clients of WimRob’s professionalism, knowledge and experience in the Ugandan apiculture sector, he added that this will create confidence among our Europe and Asia clients in doing a long-term business partnership.

“We have invested a lot as WimRob, in quality and also in maintaining our standard from production to the clients by producing what their markets need in the regional and international market”, Okodia said.

2018 – Update 9 ex-female surgeons Amudat

There was excitement and jubilation in Amudat district after Wimrob Bees Company Uganda Limited officially launch Female Apiary Managers program. A total of nine ex-surgeons with a family number of 120 family members received apiary start up packages worth 11m Uganda shillings.

The packages includes 90 Kenya Top Bar hives, 9 smokers, 9 bee suits, 9 smokers, 9 bee brush, hives, gumboots and gloves. Each FAM beneficiaries went back home with 10 KTB hives and hives inspection and harvesting kits.

Wimrob Bees Co. Ltd managing director, Robert Okodia said the Amudat ex-female surgeons are now ready to turn bee keeping and honey production into gold. “I am already impressed with their commitment, energy and the passion they female apiary managers have exhibited”.

We pledge our total commitments, experience in this sector and technical support so that ex surgeons are independent and making money from honey production.  Okodia added that each surgeon receives a monthly facilitation of 50,000 (UGX) as motivation for managing the apiaries.

“This is a pilot project and eventually we will be able to scale it up to other ex-surgeons, child mother, girls who drop out of school, mothers living positive and widows who are passionate about bee keeping and honey productions”.

A Bees Company has a new brochure! – 2018

To convince customers that A Bees Company has such an unique natural high quality product, we made a nice brochure. Follow the following link to see the result: Brochure

2017 – 9 female surgeons in Amudat to benefit from WimRob apiary program

WimRob Bees Company is working with 9 ex-female surgeons in Amudat. They used to carry out female circumcision for a living. Now WimRob Bees Company has empowered and convinced them to start keeping bees and honey production as a alternative for their living income.

We have send them our bees expert (Robert Okodia) to Amudat to train them on the first module of keeping bees as a business. Already nine of them are being trained and after they will receive startup packages which includes beehives, smokers, hive tools, bee brush and bee suit to help them get the knowledge and skills in modern beekeeping.

After their training and inputs, WimRob will give the women 10 KTB hives each and a monthly facilitations of 50,000 UGX and at the end of every honey harvesting season, they will received 10% of the total honey harvested from WimRob bee hives, after three years WimRob will hand the bee hives over to the surgeons.

This is like a pilot program. When it is successful WimRob is planning to scale this one up.

2017 – Research showing the great quality/potential of our honey, due to the “zero” detection rate of pesticides!

This study developed a validated multi-residue method for pesticides/agrochemicals detection in honeybee hive products, using GC-ECD and LC-MSMS which simultaneously controlled for 36 pesticides. Various traces of insecticides and fungicides in bees and bee products were found from three agro-ecological zones in Uganda (West-Nile, Mid-Northern, Eastern), and the common chemical classes of insecticides detected included neonicotinoids, carbamates, tetrazines and diacylhydrazines. Almost all detected chemicals were found in the beeswax and in the samples derived from neighbouring citrus (Eastern) and tobacco (West-Nile) cropping systems, but the detected levels were below the MRL set by the EU as well as the lethal acute doses for honeybees. The presence of neonicotinoids and systemic fungicides suggests that whilst MRLs are low, possible sub-lethal impacts of several substances may present a threat to honeybees in the region. This suggests the need for a robust risk assessment of pesticides or chemical contaminants for our understanding of the resilience of Ugandan honeybee genotypes in a contaminated environment. Interestingly, the “zero” detection rate of pesticides in the honey from the Mid-Northern zone indicates substantial potential for marketing Ugandan organic honey in international markets.

Source: NCBI

2017 – ZOA Business ambassadors visit A Bees Company

In total six ZOA business ambassadors came to Uganda to visit A Bees Company. During their visit they have seen the apiary site in Amudat and of course our wonderful processing center in Lira. Afterwards we discussed the challenges of doing business in Uganda while enjoing a Nile Special.

2017 – Joining de Uganda National Apicultural event

A Bees Company participated in the National Honey Week Exhibition event in 2017. Due to our continous hard work A Bees Company received the first price for their Apicultural Development.

2017 – Exporting our highly natural beeswax to Japan

Due to our close collaboration with local African Beekeepers A Bees Company is able to deliver natural beeswax of extraordinary quality. In the following pictures you can see our first shipment of a 20 feet seacontainer full of A Bees Company beeswax stacked on pallets and wrapped in foil for the export to Japan. Thereby is it possible (thanks to our great network of local beekeepers) to deliver our natural beeswax regularly in high quantity’s, so more shipments will definitely come!